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Have you ever wondered about God?

Who is God? The Bible says that God is love. That is quite a statement isn't it? As simple as it may sound, it really is profound. Love can only exist where there is freedom. God created all His intelligent beings free to choose to love Him, therefore risking rejection in the process. Satan rejected God. And the result was that Satan wanted to spoil God's plan for us. He wanted to fill the world with trouble and death. Then he points all these things back to God and blames Him because God created human beings. Satan tries to get us to think of God as a severe judge without pity. That we should look upon God with fear and to think of him as unforgiving and hard. When Adam and Eve choose not to listen to God, they too rejected him. God did not however reject them.


What was God's response to this? He sent Jesus to live in this world. He wanted people see that He is a God of infinite love. Jesus came to this world give us the real picture as to what God is like. In His life, Jesus, has shown us God's character and rivers of heavenly love flow out from the heart of God to us through His Son, Jesus.

Jesus became a "Man of sorrows" so that you and I can have everlasting joy. You see, Jesus did not die for us in order to make God love us. No, no! John 3:16 tells us why, "For God so LOVED the world, that he gave his only Son."  The Father loves us not because Christ died for us; He gave His Son to die because He loved us. In giving Jesus to die for us, our heavenly Father made a great sacrifice and paid the high price to redeem us.

There is no other love like God's love. Thinking of God's love makes us feel very humble and should draw our minds closer to God. The more we study the character of God, the more we study about Christ's sacrifice on the cross, the more we see God's mercy, tenderness and forgiveness.

One day, Jesus will return to take us to live with Him in a world where evil will not exist—a world where only love rules, because God is love.

Steps To Christ by E. G. White

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What is God like?

What is God like?

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